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Pentecost Trail Race / Hvítasunnuhlaup


The Pentecost Trail Race starts in Hafnarfjordur, also known as The Town in the Lava. In the neighbourhood of the twon in the beautiful nature you can find for example. volcanoes, big lava, hot springs and caves. Most people in Hafnarfjörður live on the 18-square kilometer (7-square mile) lava field named Búrfellshraun. This lava originally spewed out of the crater Búrfell, which is located about 7 km (4.3 miles) east of Hafnarfjörður and is part of the Krýsuvík volcano. We offer all runners the chance to run together with the club on Saturday morning a 10 - 25 km trail run where we will among other things visit the Búrfell crater. - Pl. read more on  Hafnarfjordur  web page  Hafnarfjordur


The race will starts in Asvellir and you need only to run 400 meters to find yourself  in wild nature. You will start to run on the bank Astjorn - small but beautiful ponds. Next you will start to run to Hvaleyrarvatn (lake) but on the way you will have a  nice view. You will run along the bank of Hvaleyrarvatn, located in middle of forestry where residents in Hafnarfjordur have grown a forest from nothing during the past 75 years. Next you will run to Storhöfði - the small mountain. You will have the lava on your right side. You will climb on top of Storhöfði. You will have a great view and see many volcanoes and lava when you reach the top. Next you will run throught the forestry where you can see yourself how a forest is grown in north countries. When you have run through the forestry you will return to Asvellir where you started the race.


Next best Trail Run in Iceland


From the start, the Pentecost Trail Race has been one of best trail run in Iceland.  Comments from runners go from "Great run in beautiful surroundings", "Great run in beautiful Hafnarfjordur", "Probably one of the best run in Iceland", to "Most enjoyable run I have ever been involved in and whole structure of 10". 



The run is located in Hafnarfjordur - only 10 km from Reykjavik. It is very easy to travel to Iceland. Iceland (Keflavik Airport) has direct flights from almost all capitals cities, from the USA and Europe there are more than 40 daily flights. Biggest airlines that fly to Iceland; Icelandair, WoW, Easy Jet,  Norwegian, Primera Air, SAS and more. We have a few hotels in Hafnarfjordur, some of them are located only a few hunders meters from Asvellir where we start the run .


When the race was organised in 2013 for the first time we had only 120 runners but now (2018) we expect 300-400 runners.


The club that organises the run "Skokkhopur Hauka"  have used the area for trail runs during many years. The runners in the team felt as they enjoy this area so much that they needed to show other runners how beautiful and peaceful it is.. The best way to do that was to have public trail race in the area.  And today is the  area one of most popular areas in Iceland for runners that enjoy trail runs. Now we want to show more runners from abroad our great area and hope that they will enjoy and love it as much as we do.


What kind of weather conditions should runners expect to face in your event?I


In  May/June you can expect all kinds of weather conditions in Iceland, even snow (though this is unlikely). You can expect temperatures to be around 10° C, but if we are lucy we can have warmer weather.

All runners will receive a medal when they finish the race. There are 3 distances available, 14, 17.5 and 22 km.  The total elevation is around 400 meters in the 22 km race.  The 22 km race gives 1 i-tra / UTMB point (2018).  First three runners in each distance / gender will have a prize. Prizes include Asics and Hoka shoes. We can promise that you will enjoy this run!

See course map for the 22 km race on i-tra and map of all distances on Google Maps.


Register fee only ISK 4.900.


Register yourself here. 


We hope to see you in the next Pentacoast Trail Race.




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